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The following questionnaire is a key part of the book. It is reproduced here so you can conveniently fill it out, have it scored for you, and learn how your balance of biopsychotypes influence your life and health. You may print a pdf version of the questionnaire as it exists in the book, by clicking here.

The questionnaire usually takes about 30 minutes or less to complete. There is no limit to the number of times you may do the questionnaire, but you must complete it in one session to have it scored.

After your questionnaire is scored, you will be able to link to excerpts from the book that will give you an overview of your constitution features from an acupuncture point of view. This information, used with Getting to Know You, can guide you in learning how acupuncture can best be used to optimize your health and well being, and to address specific health concerns you may have.

What's Your Constitutional Makeup?

Select the 2, 5, or 10 score column for each item that represents a quality or disturbance you recognize in yourself, even if it is only approximately accurate in its description. If the item does not seem to apply to you, leave the default selection of 0 for that item. If one part of a two-part question applies to you, choose the full score value for the question.
  • 2 indicates that you are familiar with this quality in yourself but that it is not present at all times or a predominant part of your makeup.
  • 5 indicates that this quality is present much of the time in your makeup and life activities.
  • 10 indicates that the quality is strongly characteristic of who you really are, or that it is a predominant part of your makeup.
02510  Are you:

good at making decisions and planning things?


usually working on a project, at home and at work?


aware of everything that's going on around you?


limber and well coordinated?


energetic, confident?


usually in good spirits?


pretty good at sports?


well organized and neat?




stable, conscientious, and responsible?






reliable and directed?


a good leader, or a good follower?


level-headed? Adaptable?


confident and decisive?




usually in good health?



02510  Do you:

expect that whatever you set out to do will work out?


know where everything is at your work area, even though it might look disorganized to others?


like sports because you like the movement and discipline?


like to cook? Like to eat?


make sure the people with you are having a good time?


feel that taking care of your family is the most important thing you can do?


get involved in community or religious activities?


get the job done, on time, with the details right?


tend to stick to your routines and habits?


have a tone of voice that sounds as if you know what you're talking about?


generally feel happy to be alive?


catch on and learn quickly?


often land in a leadership position?


enjoy playing sports because you like the competition?


try not to let other people see your shortcomings?


play the role of life-of-the-party?


like to wear brightly colored clothing?


sometimes appear intense or speedy to other people?

02510  Have you:

developed your natural visual skills in your professional or personal activities?


done a good job organizing your apartment or house; of arranging your work area?

02510  Can you:

concentrate and stay focused on what you have to do?


memorize a lot of information?


express exactly what you have in mind to other people?


work hard and keep going for a long time?


quickly sympathize with others or understand their situation?

02510  Are your:

muscles stiff, inflamed, painful, or in spasm?


neck, jaw, or head muscles tense?


palms or underarms frequently sweaty, even without activity?

02510  Are you:

anxious, frustrated, or agitated more often than you would like?


constantly working to keep these feelings under control?


aware that if you do not get exercise you will not be able to relax?


locked up inside yourself and too anxious to say anything?


driven to take care of everybody and everything?


too introspective, self-absorbed, or brooding?


feeling as though you haven't felt well since you gave birth to your child?


easily able to slip into a black cloud or feel sad or melancholy?


self-critical and annoyed with yourself when things don't go as well as you would like them to?

02510  Do you feel:

that you don't have the energy to get everything done?


that you lack the confidence you once had?


that you keep thinking things over but have trouble making up your mind?


that your life is busy and successful, but often too stressful?


that you can do outrageous things just because you feel like it?

02510  Do you have worrisome, nervous, or unhealthy habits, such as:

tapping your fingers, pacing, clicking a pen, biting your nails?


drinking alcohol to calm yourself down?


needing coffee, tea, a caffeinated drink, or dark chocolate to keep going? Or just for the buzz?


drinking coffee (or a caffeinated drink) to make headaches go away?


smoking cigarettes, even though you know it's not good for you?


being too much of a caretaker, getting overly involved in the lives and problems of other people?


going overboard with the good things life, eating and drinking too much?

02510  Do other people see you as:

high-strung or nervous?


timid, reticent to express yourself?




taking a lot of their time telling them your problems?


being too much of a perfectionist?


inflexible in your ideas and decisions?


moving and talking very quickly?


passionate about what you're doing?


arrogant or bossy, when you feel that you simply see how things can be done correctly sooner than others do?


having a short fuse to your temper, but calming down quickly, and without grudges?


a good team member, but usually quiet in meetings and planning sessions?

02510  Do you have:

outbursts of anger when you're irritated with someone, even though normally you get along well with people?


frequent days when you are short-tempered and irritable?


frequent headaches?


irregular or painful menstrual periods?


soft nails that split or break easily?


the body type that takes on weight easily?


intermittent digestive problems, such as belching, heartburn, bloating, cramping, or diarrhea?


colds that quickly settle into your lungs or that take a long time to pass?


recurrent outbreaks on your skin, such as acne or eczema (as a child or as an adult)?


problems with your back, stiffness in your joints?


intermittent pains your chest, pounding heart, or


dizzy spells?


cold feet?

02510  Did you:

have frequent bellyaches as a child?


have frequent colds and flus as a child?


start losing your hair or graying in your teens, twenties or thirties?

02510  When trying to get along with the rest of the world, do you:

try to avoid being noticed, because you really don't like to be seen or questioned?


always notice what other people are doing wrong?


remember the people who have crossed you or irritated you? For a long time?


need to push your frustration and annoyance deep inside so no one sees it?


have trouble making quick decisions or getting things done?


have a hard time apologizing or forgiving?


get angry with other drivers on the road?


neglect taking care of yourself while meeting your responsibilities?


feel obligated to see every project through to the end?


have a personality that frets or worries much the time, about yourself, your family, your friends, your colleagues, and the world?


suffer depression to the point of not being able to work effectively?


live with obsessive or compulsive behavior that interferes with your daily activities and interactions with your family and friends?

02510  Have you:

had a prolonged period of severe illness or malnutrition in your life?


gone through prolonged periods of working too hard and exhausting yourself?


had frequent ear, throat, or respiratory infections, or asthma as a child?

02510  Are you:

more cautious or fearful than others around you?


becoming more sensitive to noise?

02510  In terms of physical well-being, do you:

have trouble with your eyes or vision?


feel tight and tense somewhere in your muscles almost all the time?


suffer repeatedly from headaches or migraines?


have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep?


feel your heart pounding or beating fast?


have difficulty digesting rich or fatty meals?


experience fullness or pain in the liver area under the right ribcage?


drink too much caffeine for your nerves?


feel heaviness the chest, abdomen, or pelvis?


suffer chronic phlegmy respiratory problems, such as bronchitis, asthma, or emphysema?


experience pain in the esophagus or stomach, such as acid reflux or stomach ulcers?


have chronic difficulty digesting your food, with bloating, discomfort, constipation, or diarrhea?


experience very irregular periods, or times when your period has disappeared altogether?


have a history of difficulty conceiving or carrying a pregnancy to term?


have uterine fibroids?


feel chronic heaviness or swelling in the legs?


have hemorrhoids or varicose veins?


suffer from prolapsed bladder, uterus, vagina, or rectum?


have diabetes or anemia?


have dark circles or puffiness under your eyes?


often feel chilly inside your body?


have little interest in sexual activity?


suffer regularly from insomnia?


have trouble with your hearing?


have chronic neck or back pain, with or without radiation to arms or legs?


have degenerative or osteoarthritic changes in your spine or joints?


have any urinary tract symptoms, such as kidney stones, frequent bladder infections, prostate problems, difficulty with urination?


have coronary artery or cardiac disease?

02510  Do you:

especially like blue, green, or turquoise colors?


especially like yellow, ochre, and earth tones?


especially like red hues?


especially like dark blue and black?


especially like sour, citrus, or acid flavors?


especially like sweet flavors?


like food that has a lot of flavor, even spicy, but not necessarily hot?


want to put extra salt on your food or eat salty snacks?

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